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When you’re holding a drill . . .

2 Jul

On Friday, I rediscovered JB’s electric drill and spent the rest of the afternoon walking around, the weight of the drill heavy in my hand, looking for things to drill for fun.  This was when my ill-fated Pyrex drilling idea was formed.

Our Pyrex collection is only curated by cheapness, so we have a mishmash of different patterns including some from the late 70s/early 80s that I’m not as enamoured with. So standing in front of our Pyrex-filled hutch, I got to thinking… how do you take a moderately rad Pyrex bowl and bedazzle it with awesomeness?  The answer wasn’t immediately clear, but I was completely certain it would involve drilling.

Later that day I decided that I needed to drill some holes in some ceramic pots I found in the basement, and the idea came to me – I would make a Pyrex plant holder.  A macraméd plant holder suddenly seemed lame compared to one that had holes drilled  in it.

So this was my idea… take a set of stacking Pyrex bowls, drill three holes into each of them, string the bowls together with chains and hooks, hang and enjoy.   Kind of like this hanging fruit thingy:

I couldn’t find any info online about how to drill a hole in a Pyrex bowl specifically, so I figured the next best thing was to identify what Pyrex bowls are made of, then find a tutorial for drilling through it.  To that end, Google revealed an amazing fact… Pyrex bowls are made of Pyrex!   And more generally speaking… glass.

So, I decided to follow a tutorial for drilling through glass.  It said to use either a carbide bit or a diamond bit.  The diamond bit was surprisingly cheaper, but Home Hardware only had diamond bits in large sizes, so I picked up the carbide bit and literally ran home to try it, giggling with glee.

This was the outcome:

I first tried drilling through the bottom of the dish, which worked out ok – however, pieces of the bit flaked off as it started to pierce through to the other side and a fracture line appeared in the Pyrex.

Next, I tried drilling a hole about 3/8” away from the lip of the dish (which is what I’ll need to do to make the planter), and that resulted in almost instant cracking.  I made a few more attempts using the shards—going slower and using masking tape—but all efforts failed!  Probably because by that point, the bit looked like this:

Luckily, I conducted the experiment using a super hideous casserole dish that I will not miss.

Anyway, as much as I hate craft failures, my urge to drill things is still very strong, so I might make another attempt using a diamond bit.  In the meantime, I moved some of the supurfluous Pyrex bowls onto this rad shelf I got for $8 at the Museum of Transportation’s flea market.

And PS I was lying about running – it was really hot out.  I drove home, collapsed on the couch for an hour and ate like seven freezies.